How colleagues feel about working at Cost Engineering

Meet four of our colleagues all from four different departments at Cost Engineering, and find out why they love working at our company!

Meet some of our colleagues, who would like to give you some insight in working at our company Cost Engineering!

Why did you join Cost Engineering?

Well, the main reason that I joined Cost Engineering was the fact that they are really focusing on developing their employees, the engineers, but also not just doing it personally, but also lots of training for their skills and their knowledge coverage. -Mitch, Accountmanager at Cost Engineering

I studied in bachelors and masters was chemical engineering and during my studies, what interested me the most was the part where the projects come to life. For that to happen, the designs and the projects have to be economically feasible. And that’s why I really like being involved in projects where I can do economic analysis and cost estimations of the processes that we design. So I knew where I wanted my position to be in the industry, when I finally started working. But I didn’t know that I could start doing all these things from the get go. -Yasemin, Junior Cost Engineer at Cost Engineering

I’ve been looking for a job for quite some time in my chosen profession. I’m a content writer, content specialist. And, I had a friend who worked here who was working on a project temporarily and had never been happier in his job. When I found out that there was a position going for content writer, I lept on it, absolutely lept on it. -Maria, Content Specialist at Cost Engineering

What is really nice here, is that you see there is a split between the Software Engineers and the Cost Engineers. So the majority of the people that use your software are immediately on site. They get a lot of feedback and a lot of enthusiasm. Six years ago, the company was not as big as it is now. Although, at the time, we already had a fantastic product called Cleopatra Enterprise. In the meantime, in those six year, we gained a lot of new clients and that has resulted in our software department, basically quadrupling in size. That presents us with new challenges every year and that keeps me sharp, and I really enjoy that. – Mark, Lead Software Engineer at Cost Engineering

And why do you stay at Cost Engineering?

The main reason also why I’m staying, is because I love this world. The engineers working with the engineers, but also the engineers working with one of our (biggest) clients worldwide. So, that’s very interesting for myself. Besides that, I think I can learn a lot at Cost Engineering. -Mitch, Accountmanager at Cost Engineering

The reason that I stayed, is because I’ve been here only for six, seven months so far. For me, before I even can consider going anywhere else, there is so much to explore in the company and so much to learn. -Yasemin, Junior Cost Engineer at Cost Engineering

The reason I’m still here, is because I absolutely adore it here. I just really, really love my job. I feel really fulfilled. I have some fantastic colleagues and it’s a great place to work. -Maria, Content Specialist at Cost Engineering


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